SWE++ is a new committee under the Society of Women Engineers that strives to give local middle school girls access to the field of computer science and inspire them to pursue computer science as a career. The gender gap within the technology workspace is a pressing issue, and SWE++ wants to pave the path for these young girls to feel comfortable and suited for careers in technology.

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Piloted under the UC Berkeley chapter, this organization holds a ten-week programming course that encourages the development of a female computer science community and teaches students the foundations of Python. Currently our classes are held for middle school girls (6th to 8th grade).

Our classes start with an introduction to computer science principles through Scratch. We introduce the basics of logical thinking and introduce the general terms like conditionals and variables. We spend the rest of the time learning Python. We spend each class talking about certain topics starting with variables and types of objects (int, float, etc) and ramp up as the week goes, hitting things such as conditionals, for loops, while loops, and lists (among others).

Applications for our Spring 2021 class are closed, but check back again in August for our Fall 2021 applications.

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Tech Day

Tech Day is a day to make new friends, learn more about computer science and its application across different fields, and participate in fun engineering workshops and activities. This event is for middle school students who identify as female or non-binary and are interested in SWE++, engineering, computer science, and fun! No coding experience necessary!

Tech Day for Spring 2021 will be held virtually on April 17th ~ April 18th.

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Students working with Scratch in computer science lab.
Group picture of volunteers and participants.
Students working on their projects in the lab.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at ucb.swe.plusplus@gmail.com.