Parent Education Program

SWE’s Parent Education Program (PEP) is a 30 to 60-minute workshop in which we share important research, experiences, and resources to ensure that families have access to tools that not only encourage but also further their children’s STEM education beyond the classroom. We believe that the value of a holistic approach to supporting STEM education cannot be understated. Thus, in addition to UC Berkeley SWE’s typical outreach programs for students, we are organizing this program geared towards parents and families. Our mission is to provide parents with the knowledge and resources to support their children’s STEM education regardless of family background.

Topics include:

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For students and volunteers:
For each workshop, we take a small group of Berkeley STEM students to travel with SWE to a local elementary or middle school and help answer parents’ questions about your experiences in STEM. We are looking for students, especially from minority backgrounds (low income, racial minority, first-generation, female) who are passionate about outreach and are excited to share their unique STEM journey with our parent audience.

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