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We have many ways to get involved with SWE for both students and alumni. We offer a variety of committees and apprenticeships, and events for our alumni.

For Students

For students, the best way to get involved in SWE at UC Berkeley is to become a general member, join a committee, or become an apprentice. In addition, we have a variety of social and professional events we host for students, as well as volunteering opportunities. Every month, we have a general meeting which is open to all students which serves as a great way to meet the officers and learn more about the SWE community. Officer positions open at the end of each semester for those who are interested in applying.

If you would like to join one of SWE's committees, come attend the first general meeting of the semester, which is Thursday, September 8th from 6-7:30pm in 290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building. More information about each committee can be found below.

To stay connected, check out our platforms below!

Our Platforms

Societal Committees

Officer: Riya Jain

Interested in politics, policy, and social justice? The Advocacy Committee is dedicated to bridging the gap between the scientific community and politics. The committee’s goal is to provide a platform for students in STEM and the broader campus community to interact with international and domestic policy issues.

This semester, we will focus on the implications of COVID-19, Identity politics, and gender inequity in S.T.E.M. in the United States. Under the advocacy committee, you will have the opportunity to hold events, learn about lobbying, and engage in public and individual advocacy. In previous semesters, we have collaborated with Vote co. to increase voter engagement, participated in a congressional outreach program in DC, held workshops to educate voters about policies such as the propositions, raised awareness about campus climate, and published policy spotlights. This semester, our tasks will entail running a Women in Policy speaker series, civic awareness workshops, and collaborating with campus organizations to raise awareness about pressing issues in policy.

This semester, the E&I committee plans to host the E&I summit, a full day event with guest speakers, networking opportunities, and educational workshops. We will also host individual workshops throughout the semester, with the opportunity for committee members to spearhead topics they feel particularly passionate about. We’ll be collaborating with other SWE committees like Advocacy and Transfer Outreach, as well as other identity based organizations, COE faculty and staff, and the Engineering Student Council, all with the goal of increasing awareness and establishing systems of sustainable support. Join E&I if you’re passionate about continuing the critical conversation surrounding equity and inclusion in the engineering fields, and want to take active steps to educate and inform our community!
Officer: Kavya Marrapu

The academic committee will work closely with faculty members, graduate students, and research representatives to plan and host events about academic experiences. As a committee member you will help plan research talks, homework parties, professors lunch, lab tours, graduate student coffee chats, and an end of the semester research symposium. There will be plenty of opportunity to network with professors and graduate students from the different engineering majors. Join the academic committee if you are interested in research opportunities, graduate school, networking, learning more about other engineering majors and the great things people are achieving through research!
Officer: Jennifer Toy

The Mentorship Committee will help the Liaison organize Mentor/Mentee Kickoffs, guide the mentees to make productive use of all mentor sessions, and foster a attitude of communal growth. Mentorship hosts both the professional Mentorship and the SWEster program, and thus committee members will be responsible for managing the logistics, publicity, and personal relations of each event. You'll be emailing dozens of professional women in the Bay Area, and this is a fantastic opportunity to expand your network and learn more about what engineering looks like from your peers and beyond. If you're interested in supporting women in engineering, you're in the right place!
Officer: Megan Chan

The Transfer Outreach Committee is dedicated to supporting junior and senior transfers at Cal, and hosting events for this community. Transfer students often come with their own stories, so our mission is to help immerse transfer students into Berkeley. We aim to enrich Cal with their experiences and create a welcoming, positive community! This semester, we hope to continue fostering community with community college students, as well as host events for current transfer students. No experience required and you don't need to be a transfer student to apply--definitely looking for apprentices who will bring their unique and diverse ideas and perspectives! :)
Officers: Amanda Shiu & Olivia Kris

The Public Relations Committee helps keep everyone informed about SWE’s events and opportunities. Members of the committee will be helping to create and facilitate weekly SWEmail, Facebook events and covers, flyers, and design workshops. Consider joining the PR Committee if you have an interest in design, communications, or anything public relations related! Experience with Adobe Illustrator or other relevant tools is preferred but not at all required.
Officer: Ciela Cheung & Kuhu Sharma

The Social Media Committee takes photos and videos of members and activities at SWE events (both online and in-person). This means maintaining photo albums and managing all SWE social media. There may be opportunities throughout the semester to create videos and work on our very own SWE Podcast! No experience is required.
Officers: Amelyn Phang & Zhaoyi Chen
Term: Fall and Spring

Team Tech is a national competition run by SWE and sponsored by Boeing in which a team at school works with an industry partner on a project. The company and project is of each team’s choosing. Teams are evaluated both on the end product quality and the ability of the team to work together. Project proposals may be submitted during the fall semester after which teams may begin their work. The final report is due at the end of the spring semester, and the presentations occur at the SWE fall conference.

Professional Committees

Officers: Erica Cardozo & Breanna Yang

The Shadow an Engineer program matches students to an externship over winter break with a company that matches their professional interests. Companies include Accenture Labs, Cisco Systems, TurnItIn, and more innovative companies in a range of fields! No experience required and snacks included! Roles include corporate relations, student relations, and public relations.
Officers: Joelle Siong Sin & Julie Lynch
Term: Fall

Evening with Industry is SWE's premier networking event. Last year, we hosted more than 150 of UC Berkeley's best and brightest engineering students to meet with companies from all different engineering disciplines. EWI connects employers to students on a more personal and professional level through a career fair and a sit-down dinner.
Officers: Allison Hong & Jennifer Zhou
Term: Fall

The Professional Development Month Committee is a group responsible for developing the professional skills of students as well as connecting them to companies in the industry that teaches them these attributes. As a part of this committee, you will be a part of a team that hosts workshops with company representatives. You will also have the opportunity to learn about valuable development and networking skills. In the past, we have worked with companies such as Google, Stripe, Illumina, and more in creating events for the SWE community.

Outreach Committees

Officer: Vivian Chang

Mini-University is a free event designed to encourage underserved high school students in the Bay Area to pursue careers in STEM. The event is open to all genders and will be held virtually this semester from March 8th to March 10th, lasting approximately two hours each day with hands-on engineering activities, faculty talks and student panels. If you are interested in helping to organize the event or in sharing your engineering experiences with high school students, please reach out to volunteer or join the Mini-U committee!
Officers: Alexis Alburo & Rachael Han

SWENext aims to encourage high school females to explore STEM and consider a STEM career by helping them establish SWENext clubs at their high schools. We provide students with resources to help them navigate high school, college, and career planning. We also have a mentorship program that connects high schoolers with undergraduate mentors to advise, support, and inspire them to pursue their interests in STEM. Join SWENext committee to be part of a community that works with youth to increase representation in STEM fields! This year, we will be splitting into the following subcommittees: Office Hour Panels, Fundraisers, and Mentorship. If you are interested in any of the areas, please reach out to us to apply.
Officers: Aisha Gupta & Sharicka Zutshi

SWE Science is the elementary and middle school division of the outreach sector. It is a hands-on, activity-based program that uses scientific experiments and projects to assist young students in learning engineering concepts. The monthly SWE science events are held from 10 am to 12 pm on the first Saturday of that month. The program is divided into two sections: SWE Science Saturdays for 4th-5th grade and SWE Science Scholars for 6th-8th grade students. During these sessions, students will engage in engineering challenges designed to allow students to not only practice foundational STEM principles but also to develop their intellectual curiosities and creativity. Previous activities have included cardboard vehicles, flotation devices, basic circuits, and plastic parachutes. We collaborate with academic and corporate partners, such as the UC Berkeley Underwater Robotics Club, and Ambi Robotics, for our events to introduce our students to different topics in STEM and innovation. If you are interested in supporting this program through funding, planning, collaboration, volunteering, or any such means please feel free to contact us at

As a SWE Science committee member, you will have the opportunity to:
> Design and test lesson plans for both programs
> Host and volunteer at the sessions
> Interact with the students and assist them with their experiments
> Plan and create science kit activities to be used by 4th-8th grade students
> Gain important interpersonal and leadership skills!
Officers: Clara Hung & Sarah Mehtabuddin

HSEP (High School Engineering Program) works to enrich high school students' understanding STEM, expand their experience with different engineering disciplines, and inspire them to continue to pursue STEM in the future. This program is held on the UC Berkeley campus for 10 weeks on Saturdays from 9 AM to 12 PM starting from September 10th to November 19th for Fall 2022. HSEP also has an online documentation of curriculum resources for students who cannot attend in person to access. Please check back soon for the link!
Officers: Heather Wei & Ash Chang

SWE++ is a 10 week course that aims to provide introductory programming skills to 30 local middle girls. The first 9 weeks covers an interactive curriculum in Scratch and Python that our teachers and volunteers create and teach. The final week of the course is a full day of coding and engineer workshops called Tech Day. Unlike the previous 9 weeks, Tech Day is open to up to 100 girls in the area, allowing more girls access to a hands-on experience with technology.
Officer: Jin Yu
Term: Fall

Engineering Day is a carnival-style free event designed to encourage young elementary school children (K - 3rd grade) in the Bay Area to learn about STEM and participate in various themed booth activities. If you are interested in helping to organize the event and working with kindergarten children, please reach out to volunteer or join the Engineering Day committee! In Fall 2022, Engineering Day will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2022.


Officer: Yeiji Lee & CJ Hines

Do you want an opportunity to get more involved in SWE by giving back to its members? Being an apprentice for the social committee allows you the opportunity to foster a stress-free environment, with guaranteed laughter and smiles. Help coordinate fun activities with the Membership Director. It is a great stepping stone into becoming a more active SWEster and be able to see a behind-the-scene glimpse in the planning process.

For Alumni

Alumnis posing together at brunch.
Group picture of current and graduated SWE members.

Our alumni go on to successful careers in all fields of engineering, and become role models and mentors for current undergraduate students. Alumni can stay in touch with UCB SWE through our alumni newsletter, our LinkedIn presence, and more. Alumni near Berkeley are also invited to the several alumni socials we hold each semester. In addition, many alumni choose to stay involved with the national Society of Women Engineers as professional members.

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Collegiate to Career (C2C)
For a one-time $50 payment, collegiate members can secure a SWE membership for their collegiate years through the first year they qualify for professional grade membership.
SWE Membership is available for $20 to college students majoring in engineering and must be renewed annually to obtain membership benefits.
Take advantage of a reduced joint membership rate when you join SWE and one of these three professional organizations: The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).